LOOK/13 - My I, Your Me

Part of the LOOK/13 international photography festival

LOOK 2013

Who do you think you are?

Today everyone is a photographer. Thanks to a proliferation of affordable image-capture technology we are documenting our lives to an unprecedented degree. In this new age of mass observation we are, at any moment, both the watchers and the watched. 

In each social situation, at every event and in all public space, images are taken. The strand line for many of these images is social media, where documentation of public experience comes together with more personal images of loved ones, pastimes and pleasures and meaningful places. Through selection and combination we exhibit our lives. 'Here I am' our image streams say, 'this is me.' 

But the question remains, who are you really?

If you had to select, or create one single, powerful image that revealed your truest identity what would that image be? What would it include or exclude? Where would it be set and when? Who would be present and who would be absent? If there were an opportunity to reveal something deeply held and otherwise unknown, would you take it?

As part of the LOOK/13 International Photography Festival, Liverpool's FAB Collective would like to offer you that opportunity. On May 25th FAB Collective will be resident in the Domino Gallery in Liverpool. Using the Look13 theme 'Who do you think you are?' as a provocation, we’d like to invite you to create and submit one significant photographic image. We will print and hang an exhibition of submitted images.

How to submit

1. Email your shot to us before 5pm on May 25th at: fabcollective2013@gmail.com
2. Come to the Domino Gallery on May 25th with your image on a memory card or USB.

The Exhibition

We’ll be present in the Domino Gallery, Upper Newington Street on May 25th hanging the exhibition. Please feel free to drop by. On that day we’ll close the gallery at 5pm and reopen 6pm for the private view. All submitters welcome. The exhibition will then open to the public and continue until 1st June.

Who do we think we are?

FAB Collective is a community of creative photographers brought together through the love of a city and its people. The collective was formed to create a post-08 exhibition of Liverpool at St Lukes Church. In collaboration with Urban Strawberry Lunch, we subsequently oversaw the production of a body of photographic work by some of the city’s homeless population. This culminated in an exhibition in the windows of Lewis’s Department Store and an auction of work to raise fund to keep St Lukes open to the public. We continue to work with community groups and organizations to realize creative, collaborative photographic projects.


  • Do I need a fancy camera in order to take part? No. The camera on your phone will do.
  • How many images do I send?  One.
  • Where do I send the image? fabcollective2013@gmail.com
  • What size / image format do I need to send?  Any size/ .jpg
  • What if I want to shoot film? Scan your image and send a digital file.
  • Who owns the copyright? Copyright remains with you. It will be displayed in the gallery and in an online exhibition archive. Your image will be credited to you unless, for reasons of anonymity, you instruct us otherwise.
  • Will you censor my image? If your image is likely to cause specific offence to an individual or group, or breaks any laws we reserve the right not to display it.

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